One of the most beautiful things about serving with Missional Living is seeing how God knits His people together for His purposes. I have seen it over and over again. We get a housing request for a family of 8 and God brings us a housing partner with a 6 bedroom lodge.  We have a host that loves to open their home reach out to us for another placement. They are always eager to host, and the next day we get a request from a family that is experiencing the EXACT life transition that they are….a missionary serving in Chile has a daughter entering college.  They need housing so they can come back to the US and help their daughter as she transitions to college.  The hosts that have opened their home for this family also have a daughter transitioning this fall.  These two families will be able to be an encouragement to one another. Only God can weave these kind of details together!

Yesterday, a dear friend of Missional Living hosted a luncheon for a group of ladies to hear a missionary from Israel share her story. We met this friend through hosting this missionary in one of our houses last year.  Now, fast forward and a fast friendship was born and now we are able to support, encourage, and pray for her and her family through her journey of ministry. This is just another example of God’s goodness and grace in bringing people together to further His kingdom.  I could share story after story with you….If you would like to learn more, please contact me!

We are thankful for the opportunity to be involved in this ministry. It is truly amazing to see how God is working all things together for good. May we be an encouragement to those we are knit together with through the love of Christ.