It is truly amazing to see things come full circle. If you have read through the history of Missional Living, you may already know a bit of history  so you can skip forward a bit. For those that don’t know….

In 2015, the founders of Missional Living moved out of what they would then call, their “dream house”. After over a year of the house not selling, God stirred in their hearts to donate the home to fund the start of Missional Living. God brought a buyer of this house that also had a love of missions.

Fast-forward to 2021, the current owners of this home, now want to partner with Missional Living to be a host home! God doesn’t waste ANY of our resources, and in this case will recycle the goodness of His resources.

It is amazing to see His plan unfold and carry our His purposes. We are privileged to be part of His mission.