I don’t know how many times I’ve read or heard the story of Jesus calming the seas as the disciples endured the storm,

but this week it hit me different. 

The disciples were afraid. 

They were in the midst of a raging storm. 

They didn’t know the outcome. 

Fear crept in despite their faith. 

They had Jesus in their presence, yet they were afraid. 

They storm, the wind, the rocking of the boat, the swirl of questions and uncertainty. 

And then Jesus spoke and stopped the wind,

He stopped the storm with just His words.

And then, the best part,

“at once, there was a great and wonderful calm, a perfect peacefulness”

Matthew 8:26 AMP

With just His word, he created a great calm and perfect peace. 

How often do we find ourselves in a storm?

In the thick of uncertainty. We have Jesus in our midst, yet we still allow fear to creep in. 

But we have His word and in it can find a wonderful calm and perfect peace.

In. His. Word!!
What an amazing reassurance. If we simply seek Him, He will calm the storm and give us perfect peace! 

If He can calm the storms of the sea with one word, He can calm the storms of life as well.