I was asked recently what is one of my favorite things about working with this ministry. It is easy to answer this question and God reveals it over and over again. I love seeing how God knits people together to accomplish His will. God continues to amaze us as He opens doors and redirects us to fulfill needs and serve others.

When Missional Living was born, our mission was and is to provide housing, transportation, and coaching. God provided a means for all of these services.

Did you know that Righteous Rides is our transportation partner?

When we started Missional Living, we had one van. Our first request for transportation, we asked how this family heard about our ministry. They informed us that they had tried to get a vehicle from Righteous Rides, but nothing was available. It was at this time, we reached out to this organization. Righteous Rides have hubs across the US and were wanting another hub in the south, so it was a natural partnership!

We are thankful for our partnership with Righteous Rides to come alongside these missionary families in times of transition, uncertainty, and need.