A sweet college student asked me a question today.  Her assignment was to ask several people what worship means to them.  So, I thought I would share my answer with you.

This is what worship means to me

Worship is faith put into action.

It is an action verb.  Worship is idolizing someone or something, putting the object of your worship above all other things.  Worship means that it occupies your time and energies.

I think of worship not just as a time on Sunday to have your arms raised in praise and singing.

This is certainly a piece of worship.

However, worship has an internal and external part.

When you worship, it drives your actions and the words that you speak.

Worship is treasuring God above all else.

I think of worship as being a mirror image of what God is doing in your heart.

Worship happens when a deep knowledge and understanding of God

overflows in acts of praise and love.