What makes good news….good?

According to dictionary definition, good must be desired or satisfying; it must be thorough; it must provide benefit.

In thinking about the term good. It is a relative term, right?

It must be relevant.

If I have been sick and now I feel normal, that is considered good.  But if I was never sick, would you consider feeling “normal” as being good?

It must be important and valuable.

If someone who was rich, billionaire status, and won a used low end car, would it be good?

If someone who was a struggling college age student and won that same low end car, would it be good?

If you were at your home and were thirsty and you wanted a glass of tea but you were offered water, would this be good?

What if you were in the dessert and were offered that same glass of water, would this be good?

For a farmer during a drought, rain is good.  For a town experiencing a flood, is that same rain good?

Clearly, these situations could result in very different reactions.

So, what makes good news, good?

Good news is only good if there is a need.

And faith is only as good as it’s subject.

Faith in Jesus gives good news!


He is good,

He is righteous!

He is the only one that can completely satisfy the law. 

He is relevant to all.


 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

Not some of us…all of us!

That makes the gospel relevant to all.

He is important and valuable.


He is the only way to experience life.

Jesus provides a way to have a right relationship with God the Father, not through any merit of our own but through Jesus’ atoning sacrifice on our behalf.

He is the way, the truth, the life.

He quenches all thirst.  He provides for every need.  He frees every believer from the dominion of sin.  His grace is more abundant than all sin.  He provides access to the King! He gives hope in future glory.  He provides joy despite circumstance.  He gives peace that surpasses ALL understanding.

He is patient and waiting for every knee to bow.

Paul, a leader, one of the first missionaries, a bondservant of Christ was set apart for the ministry. He was called out of darkness for God’s purposes.

Jesus Christ IS GOOD NEWS!