In October, we received a housing request from a family that serves overseas. This family has served for 14 years providing bible translation and church planting to isolated people groups. They reached out to our organization to provide housing for an unplanned visit to the US. They were encountering difficulty getting their visas to stay in their country of service.

We were excited to partner with this family and provide them with their housing needs but more than anything we joined them in praying for God’s provision. We planned for their practical needs as they transitioned to the US but we began praying for a miracle to happen, for their visas to be approved, and for this family to be able to stay in their country of service.

We followed up with this family in mid-November and the situation looked the same….no news regarding their visas. We got the finishing touches ready for their host home and continued to pray. 

We followed up again the beginning of December, Their response was brief, “still in a holding pattern”. I think we can all relate to this sentiment…2020 has felt like a very LONG “holding pattern”. Uncertainty. No clarity.

God whispered, “stay strong, persevere, continue to pray”. 

This week, we received an email….God amazingly opened doors! This family got their visa approved for at least another year! While they no longer need the host home that began our connection, we are grateful for the opportunity to come alongside this family and pray for their needs and celebrate the goodness of God and the power of prayer!