Did you just go back to make sure you read the title correctly? There’s no mistake. Transition and transmission sound a lot alike. And as it turns out, they have a lot in common.

Transition is a way of life for missionaries. Change just goes with the territory. At any given time they are likely to be in the middle of, preparing for, or recovering from “changing gears”. And sometimes those gears grind.

It is at this time of year that many missionaries are planning and preparing for home assignment. Some for quick trips between school semesters. Some for a year or so of “furlough”. A few may even be returning to their passport countries permanently.
In any case, transition time can be challenging. And it can be exciting. The paradoxes create friction that can result in wear and tear. That’s when your input can be particularly valuable.

It’s complicated

Transition can be quite complicated. So many decisions to be made. And so many parts of the plan that must mesh with the other parts. Here are a few examples:

  • What to do with their home overseas (Rent, sell?)
  • What to do with their belongings?
  • What to do with their overseas pets while they’re gone?
  • Who will take over their ministry responsibilities while they’re away?
  •  Which church to plug into?
  • Who to visit and when?
  • What to include in reports and presentations?
  • Where and how to set up medical needs and insurance once they are back in the US?
  • What additional training to pursue and where?
  • How to care for aging parents and family while overseas?

And if they are returning permanently, you can imagine the hard questions that must be answered about work and living arrangements are amplified. There are a lot of moving parts. ALot of questions and uncertainty.

Excerpted with permission from Paracletos

Missional Living aims to ease this transition for missionaries. Here are some ways you can join us to serve them and make their transition smoother:

  • Sponsor a housing stay for a missionary family, typical housing stay for 1 month is $1,000
  • Or open your home and become a host home for a missionary family!
  • Sponsor a purchase of a van for missionary families. Ministry cost to add a new van to our fleet is only $5,000.
  • Or donate a car for missionaries to use during their home assignment.
  • Collect items for care packages to bless missionary families as they arrive back in the US.
  • Or facilitate a collection drive with your neighbors, small group, circle of friends, school, or church!
  • Join our team. Become a volunteer, we need a variety of skillsets!
  • Plug into your missions team at church.
  • Pray for the work of missionaries. Pray for protection, for good health, for encouragement and faithful friends to walk beside them. Pray for spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial support as they endeavor to further God’s kingdom.