December of 2002 my husband and I moved into what we thought at the time was our “dream home”.  We designed and built this beautiful lakefront home.  When we moved into this home, I was pregnant with our first child. Our kids are now 15 and 11. This home was the only house my kids had ever lived in.  Both my children came to know the Lord in this home.

In August 2015, we were prompted to put this house on the market and buy a house across town.

This was not an easy move.

We moved into the basement of an older home and began remodeling the rest of the house. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  That is a whole separate long story. Since I was already struggling with the emotional attachment I had to our old home, it made the remodeling process on the new home even harder to endure.

In the midst of the remodel chaos, our old home had no offers.  Not only did we not have any offers, there were no showings.  It was a very discouraging time.

I recall sitting in my kitchen as it was pouring rain outside and it began to rain through my ceiling that had been freshly painted.  I couldn’t contain the tears.  I had not let go of my old home that wasn’t selling and I did not feel home at my new house.

That night, I felt God speaking to me clearly, telling me over and over, “this is not your home”.


He was calling me to let go, to quit clinging to my earthly possessions, to quit allowing circumstances to dictate my joy or lack thereof.

The Lord used this time to move in our hearts, challenging us to use our home to glorify Him. What we had 12 years ago thought was our “dream house”, He ultimately directed us to donate to the National Christian Foundation.

Once we donated the house, we felt like it would sell quickly.  That did not happen.  We had a few showings at the house, but no offers. We had feedback from a showing that was all positive,but no offer.  We later found out that the reason the prospective buyer did not make an offer is the wife was going through chemotherapy and the timing was not right. We began praying for her healing.

After many months passed, with no offers and hardly any showings, God again stirred in my heart.  I was in a time of wrestling with God.  He had called us to be obedient to use our resources to glorify Him, then why was the house not selling? This was a question that kept surfacing in my head.

And then, this happened…..

We were at a ministry meeting at a beautiful resort lodge with some amazing people that wanted to partner with Missional Living and we got a phone call.  That phone call delivered the news that we had a leak in our basement and it was completely under water. This was more than discouraging news. However, as we drove the 45 minutes back into town to go to the house, God softened our hearts.  This was a chance to now have a completely remodeled basement that insurance would cover and hopefully this would help sell the house quicker!

For reassurance, these were the thoughts I continued to speak to myself.

As soon as the repairs were done, we received an offer! We were very excited. However, this offer did not end up going through.

I AGAIN went back to a place of wondering…..WHY?

But at the same time, I felt an overwhelming sense that God was holding this home for the right buyer.

The VERY next week, we got another offer.  The offer was for the full amount AND included a donation to Missional Living.

WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Yes.  Seriously!

God had reserved this house for that family that had visited many months prior.  The family that the wife had been going through treatment for cancer.  A family that has a passionate faith and a love for missions! His timing is always perfect!

It is truly amazing to see God’s hand at work orchestrating each detail of bringing this family to this house.

We had the privilege of meeting this family and praying with them as they make this house their home!

This is one of many of our God stories! 

THANK YOU to the many people that helped us through this journey.

I want to especially thank Caroline Badgett, our realtor that went above and beyond! Thank you to the Scott family for doing lawn care through the LONG journey to sell this house! Thank you Marty and Randa Thompson for taking a chance with us and stepping out in faith!