A few days ago, I got up at 6am to go hunting with my husband.  It was only 9 degrees outside, so we bundled up.  We walked to the deer stand by only the light of the moon.  Once we got there and got seated, it was so quiet and peaceful.  We had a beautiful view of the sunrise.

It is SO quiet, you can hear every sound, the chirping of birds and even the sound of a squirrel running in the leaves sounds like a herd of elephants! Time passes slowly in the deer stand and requires you to be still for long periods of time.  It is a great lesson in patience.  After a few hours, we walked back to the barn, no deer in sight.

As I walk away from the tree stand in the middle of the woods, far removed from the busyness of life, away from the noise and distraction of daily activity, I am able to hear His voice reminding me to

Walk in His light

Be still

Be patient


Rest in hope for His promise awaits.