We met with a missionary friend this week.  He gave us updates on his ministry.  He told us of the power of God working through any and every vehicleliterally! As they serve, part of the ministry is to transport people from one area to another giving hours of time in the car.  They use this windsheild time to share the gospel. He shared stories of lives changed.  Lives transformed.

He also shared insight to their leadership team.  Every day they are committed to a time of prayer.  Every day, they come together and pray the same verse at the same time, at 10:02 every day.

The verse is Luke 10:2.

  • Pray in the Greek verb, deomai means to beseech; to plead earnestly, to beg.  This verb tense of pray is strong and bold. This is a command, or an appeal.  A verb is always an action word. This verb tense is calling an active response, a changing of the heart.  
  • Send out in the Greek verb tense is very polite but when translated means, ekballo, means “to cast” or “to throw”, just as the disciples cast out or threw their nets.  Again, a verb tense that is not soft and passive but strong and active.
  • Laborers in the Greek noun is ergates meaning worker, an involvement in an activity. A laborer is one that toils the field, waters, sows, plants, and lays the foundation.  A laborer is a believer of Christ, a disciple= YOU and I.

I challenge you to join me for the next 10 days.  

Pray Luke 10:2.  

Cry out


Have a change of heart

Respond to God’s call

Throw out laborers

Show me Lord what is my role? what you want me to do?