I go through peaks and valleys with my workout routine.  The biggest thing that helps me stay committed and have fun along the way is having a workout partner, it is almost a guarentee to double my success. A workout partner helps motivate me when I am in a rut. Having support and encouragement along the way creates long term success.  An exercise partner provides a combination of support, accountability, motivation, and inspiration.  All these factors lead to the increase chance of success. A workout partner not only gets me through workout challenges but also encourages, makes it more fun, and keeps me focused. Having someone to help me to not lose steam, push forward, and persevere, giving a sense of community, that someone is cheering me on to the finish line.

This week, we got to welcome home 2 families.  We got to hear updates on their lives and their ministries. They shared their struggles and triumphs.  As they shared their stories, two separate families from two very different cultures, I kept hearing the same theme from both of them.

They shared their experiences of overcoming opposition.  They shared stories of fear.  The unknown. They shared the joy of stepping out in faith. Both of these families shared what it is like to be away from family and friends and what it means to receive an encouraging word.  Even a simple email.  A small package.  An encouraging word.  All these things help keep them going!

They shared their peaks and valleys.

They shared the biggest thing that helps them stay committed, stay motivated, continue to push forward, and persevere.  It is you! It is having a sense of community, knowing someone is cheering them on to the finish line!

The single most important factor to success is having a support system!

Join with us and help us offer that much needed support and encouragement!