Now that we have given you a little history into our partnership with Righteous Rides, we would love to share with you information about our recent van releases and the impact. (If you missed the background, please look at the previous posts to catch you up)

In the month of March, we had 2 of our 3 vans picked up by missionary families. So currently, all three of our vans are on the road!  We had the opportunity to meet with two missionary families in March to put the keys in their hands.

But it is so much more than just a van pick up.

Months before a van is picked up from Missional Living, we have been given the names of the missionary family, parents and kids. We get the privilege to pray over the family as they travel before we even meet them.  At the time of pick up, we get to spend time together and give them a care package with personal care items, travel needs, snacks, and activities for the kids.  It is a time to not only meet a tangible need for transportation but also an opportunity to provide hospitality.