Back in May, we had so many missionaries coming into the US, we had a waiting list for transportation!
To respond to this need, we began a van campaign with a goal to add 4 more vans.
So far, we have added 2 more vans to our ministry. 
We would love to share the story of one of these vans….
On 6/25, our executive director arrived in Knoxville after picking up our new van.  It is a shiny bright red van named Gary!
This van is named after Gary Gould. He was the father of a former board member and supporter of Missional Living. Gary was a simple man, no frills.  He was joyful, gentle, and kind.  He often cared for those in need without anyone even being aware. He was passionate about Jesus.  He used to go to McDonalds every morning and share his passion for the Lord with anyone that would listen. Just as Gary’s life was a vehicle to share the gospel, our prayer is that THIS VEHICLE will help missionaries on the road as they share the love of Christ and keep his legacy alive!
We contacted a family that owns many of the East TN district McDonalds and shared Gary’s story.  They loved the story so much, they have donated vouchers to go in EVERY van release to carry on Gary’s story!
 We are excited about the upcoming van release and also excited that this van is booked through next year!!!
WE are especially thankful for Gary’s life
& for families like Dave & Krista Sagraves that partner with Missional Living.
What is YOUR story?
Do you have someone you would like to honor & continue to leave a legacy?
Click here to adopt a van in someone’s honor.