I went to the dmv today to renew my license. The officer in the front entrance was all smiles and pointed me in the right direction. Once I got to the section where they renew and take pictures, I was greeted cheerfully by 2 women. Everyone in the waiting area was friendly. No one seemed impatient or bothered by the process.
Two days before Christmas, I could tell a visible difference in the people around me.

Joy. Cheerful. Peace.

These were just a few noticeable traits.

My prayer is that as we approach Christmas, we cling to the gift Jesus has given every believer. The gift of salvation to set you free from sin, free from the bondage and dominion of sin, free to live by the Spirit.


May we hold onto the gifts that flow from the spirit.
Love for one another shown through Joy, peace, goodness and kindness.
May these gifts abundantly fill every believers life so much that it would be like a magnetic attraction for those around us to see, feel, and move closer to the Lord.