Driving from Charlotte to Knoxville, arriving one mile from destination and the car is overheated.
It won’t start.
It is in the red.
It cranks back up but only makes it a short way and dies again from overheating. 

Some might be aggravated by this inconvenience….
I see it as an opportunity to see God’s goodness and graciousness. 
This car belongs to a friend of a 19 year old student. Her parents are missionaries in Budapest. We get the pleasure of helping her with housing this summer. She was driving this car to check into her host home yesterday. We couldn’t wait to meet and greet her. It turned out to be an unusual meeting. Not planned circumstances. But it was God’s way of making our most memorable housing check-in!
She called us and told us the car was broken down. We met and followed her until the car just would not go any further. 
Since it was overheated, I picked up coolant and as I poured in, it came pouring back out. The radiator hose was busted. The house that we broke down in front of ‘just happened to have’ construction work going on and the men working on the house offered their help! We picked up a new hose for only $20 and these men repaired the car. Within 2 hours of being stranded on the side of the road, the car was fixed!
The owners of the house and the men that volunteered their time and effort were gracious and generous. When we thanked them, the reply was “the Lord provides”!
Indeed, the Lord provides.
Whenever we think that “we” are serving,
we are reminded that WE are ALL serving!
In different capacities, but all serving and using our gifts in different ways. 
Days like today are not frustrating. Days like today are encouraging. Days like today make me realize we are ALL part of the bigger puzzle. We ALL have a piece to play and each one is important to make His final work complete.